We will guide you and explain the whole process fully so that you have confidence in your tax position. Often when a property is sold then rental income also ceases and so if this applies to you then we will ensure that HMRC close down your tax record and stop requesting a self assessment from you.​

Post-recession we are seeing more and more of our customers finally having regained value in their rental portfolio and many have made significant gains from selling some, or all, of their assets. If you have sold any assets at all – stocks, shares, properties to name a few, then we can ensure that your capital gain liability is reduced to as low as possible by advising you on all of the allowable expenses that you are entitled to claim. There are lots of expenses from many years ago when you first purchased the asset which you may even have forgotten about but could save you thousands of pounds in tax.


Regardless of how much tax you may owe to HMRC, we will change you a fixed fee for your UK Tax Return which we will inform you of in advance. Our fee for preparing and submitting a capital gains tax return is £295 and there is a reduced fee available for the second person if you owned the asset in joint names.

Our friendly staff are available to speak with you at your convenience, even if you live overseas. Please contact us today.

We have prepared a help sheet specifically for those who have disposed of an asset and made a Capital Gain which is liable for tax, so please contact us today to request this helpsheet.

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