NEED HELP TO CLAIM CIS TAX REFUND? Contact us today to start your CIS tax rebate to claim back all of your tax that you may have overpaid. With UK Tax Returns the process is simple and straight forward and we will deal with the hard work of organising your CIS statements and receipts in order to prepare you CIS tax refund.

Members of our team have first hand experience in working within the Construction Industry Scheme in the past and so we understand exactly how hard you work for your money and how important your CIS tax refund is. We will work hard to ensure that you are made aware of all the allowable expenses that you can claim in order to maximise your tax refund and reduce any tax that you pay to HMRC. We will not confuse you with specialist accountancy jargon – talk to a down to earth advisor today.

Completing your self assessment tax return is an annual requirement if you work under the Construction Industry Scheme. This can often be a time consuming and confusing process if you have not done it before. At UK Tax Returns we take care of the whole process for you which means that you can relax and don’t need to waste your time with paperwork.


Our service includes basic book keeping which means that we will go through all of your income statements and receipts and look at your tax position for you entirely free of charge. Once we have added up all your income and expenses we will be able to advise you on exactly how much your tax refund will be in advance. We can then offer to submit your tax return for you securely online and send this to HMRC. If you are not due a tax refund for any reason then we will let you know in advance and explain.


This means that more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket. Most other companies look to charge a commission, or percentage of your tax refund but we don’t. We don’t believe it's fair that you should have to pay for each extra pound that you have refunded. That's why we charge a fixed fee of £265 for each years tax return that we complete and submit on your behalf. There is no VAT to pay and absolutely no other hidden or extra charges. All of your CIS tax rebate after our fixed fee is yours to keep and enjoy. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you claim the absolute maximum refund possible by making you aware of all the allowable expenses that you can claim. The greater the value of your refund the happier you will be, and we know that you will be glad to use our services again. This is enough for us, we’re not greedy and promise to never charge you a percentage of your refund.


We have the experience of dealing with the tax office and know all of the legally allowable expenses that you can claim in order to maximise your tax refund. We understand that you are busy working on a building site and so we remove the stress and confusion of having to deal with HMRC. Far too many CIS workers miss out on a tax refund each year just because they don’t understand the complicated process of completing a tax return. We will help you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.

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